Apocalypse Rising is a game built using the Roblox game engine and is programmed via RBX.lua, a simplified version of Lua along with pre-designed Roblox functions.

The game place was created on April 1, 2008, under Gusmanak's account, and was officially released on July 1, 2012. The game was programmed by ZolarKeth and its models built by Gusmanak.

Apocalypse Rising is one of the most popular survival games on Roblox, being voted as the most popular game in the zombie/survival genre in 2013 and as Game of the Year for 2013 and 2014.

Unfortunately bugs, poor scripting, and failure to implement FilteringEnabled has resulted in the ability to run malicious scripts within Apocalypse Rising (scripts are generally programmed in RBX.lua, implementation generally via code injectors) along with the ability to manipulate data (done so via debuggers and hex editors).


ZolarKeth was the centras scripter for Apocalypse Rising I.


Gusmanak is the central modeler for Apocalypse Rising I.