Utilities assist the player in multiple functions. All utilities, with the exception of the melee weapons, have little function in combat.

All utilities are placed in the utilities section of the Inventory.

Note: For information regarding the melee weapons, please visit the Weaponry portal of Apocalypse Rising 1.

Picture Name Type notes
Binocular Picture Edit


Binoculars Identification Allows player to identify the usernames of those the binoculars focus on

You cannot move when equipped, except by crouching.

Map Map Navigational Allows player to use surroundings to gauge his/her location.
GPS GPS Navigational When used in conjunction with a map, pinpoints the user’s location
Dddd Compass Navigational Allows player to orient himself to any cardinal direction

Is based off a free model

Watch-ne Watch Timekeeping Allows player to remain aware of Time
Matches Matches Cooking Allows player to cook Raw Meat and convert it into Cooked Meat by clicking on a Fire Pit
Old Flashlight 2 Old Flashlight Lighting Weak Lighting

Default flashlight

Sruviv Survival Flashlight Lighting Medium Lighting
Mflashlight Military Flashlight Lighting Strong lighting
Omni Light Omni Light Lighting Does not need to be equipped

Must be toggle on/off

Road Flare Road Flare Lighting Illuminates the area worn/dropped for 12 in-game hours

Emits a red light

Radio Personal Radio Entertainment Plays music, static interruptions occur based on distance from the Radio Tower in Kin. No known static orientation in Amend.
Entenrcher Entrencher Building Allows movement of deployed building supplies.


Backpacks are used to increase the capacity of the player's inventory. There are four types of backpacks, and each backpack type can come in multiple colors.

Backpack Types

FPB ‘’’Fanny Backpack’’’ - Being the lowest quality backpack in the game, the Fanny Backpack only grants the player two (2) extra inventory slots.

HPO ‘’’Hiking Backpack’’’ - Slightly better than Fanny Backpacks, Hiking Backpacks grant the player four (4) extra inventory slots.

Survivalpack ‘’’Survival Backpack’’’ - Slightly better than Hiking Backpacks but slightly worse than Military Backpacks, Survival Backpack grant the player six (6) extra inventory slots.

MBG ‘’’Military Backpack’’’ - The backpack with the largest extra storage in the game, Military Backpacks grant the player eight (8) extra slots.


Clothing, is simply what your character wears, and determines the Player's aesthetics. The main value of clothing is to make your character less visible (black clothing for night, green for walking on the grass during the day, etc.) but otherwise has no noticeable effect on the Player.

Changing spawn-in clothing can be done, but usually clothing is generally found in-game and worn if suitable.

Civilian Clothing

Picture Name
Civilian Blue

Civilian Blue Pants

Blue Civilian Shirt and Pants
Civilian Brown

Civilian Brown Pants

Brown Civilian Shirt and Pants
Civilian Grey

Civilian Black Pants

Grey Civilian Shirt and Pants
Civilian White

Civilian White Pants

White Civilian Shirt and Pants
Civilian Green Green Civilian Shirt
Civilian Red Red Civilian Shirt

Padded Clothing

Picture Name
NEEDS IMAGE Blue Padded Shirt and Pants
4e5cebbd3234b17e99e6123fa7e93a8c Red Padded Shirt
Whitepaddedshit White Padded Shirt

Rambo Clothing

Picture Name
Rambo (Blue)

Rambo Pants (Blue

Blue Rambo Shirt and Pants
Rambo (Brown)

Rambo Pants (Brown)

Brown Rambo Shirt and Pants
Rambo (Grey) Gray Rambo Shirt and Pants
Rambo (Green)

Rambo Pants (Black)

Green Rambo Shirt
Rambo (Red) Red Rambo Shirt
Rambo (White)

Rambo Pants (white)

White Rambo Shirt and Pants

Military Clothing

Picture Name
Destert camo Desert Shirt and Pants Camouflage
JungkeCamoi Jungle Shirt and Pants Camouflage
RobloxScreenShot11122013 171331322 Snow Shirt and Pants Camouflage
Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.20.42 AM Urban Shirt and Pants Camouflage
Me apoc Woodland Shirt and Pants Camouflage
RobloxScreenShot10122014 165308633 Spec Ops Shirt and Pants Camouflage

Special Clothing

Picture Name


Blue Trinity Mercenary Shirt and Pants


Red Trinity Mercenary Shirt and Pants


Trinity Guard Uniform Shirt and Pants
Gusmanak's Armor Gusmanak's Armor Shirt and Pants
RobloxScreenShot09012014 105316906 ZolarKeth's Armor Shirt and Pants



  • Clothing rarity from most to least common: Civilian, Padded, Rambo, Military
  • Gusmanak's Armor and ZolarKeth's armor are the rarest in the game.