This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

AR Ambulance

65 kph on road (40mph on road) 35 kph off road (21mph off road).

Hull Strength 150
Fuel Capacity




Storage slots



The Ambulance is an emergency response vehicle that was added to Apocalypse Rising on 12/5/2014, as part of the Vehicle Update.

The emergency lights and siren are toggled by pressing "H" and the headlights are toggled by pressing "L".

This is considered one of the best cars, as it is extremely fast, has 6 seats, and has one of the biggest storage spaces in the game.


  • It was possibly used to transport infected Troops/Civilans to Hospitals before it got over runned by infected.
  • The Ambulance is one of the newest vehicles that were added to Apocalypse Rising on 12/5/2014
  • The Ambulance usually spawns near a Hospital.
  • The Ambulance is based off what seems to be a modified 1980's Dodge Ram Van.


Apocalypse Rising-Ambulance

Two survivors find an Ambulance at Vernal.

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