This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Amend Sign

Amend's sign, 1 of the 2 present. The other is a duplicate.

Amend is the capital city in the Amend Map. It is also home to the unidentified Journal Writer. Amend is located north of Fenton, east of Deft, and below Rift. Amend is a major city in the Amend map, along with Strive and Delve. The Amend sign is similar in design to those of other large cities, such as Kin, Strive, and Delve. Amend is home to a surplus of zombies, just like the other large cities. Amend is a dangerous town, due to having good loot and many zombies and players spawn here. In the Kin Reimagined Map, Kin is 5 times as large as Amend. Amend has a police station, hospital, fire station, church, and general store.


  • This city is only in the Amend map.
  • The Amend map is named after this city.
  • Amend appears to be very similar to that of Kin from V.1.0.0
  • Not really lots of people come here because most people today in the amend map now go to MA to base.
  • Along with kin, its the only city with a police station, a hospital, and a fire station. Because of this, people go to amend to find vehicles that need to be repaired.
  • Amend used to be south of MA, until a new city called Rift was introduced.