Apocalypse Rising 2

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Apocalypse Rising 2 (formerly referred to as The Rewrite and also referred to as AR2) is a new game being developed by a team of 4-6, under Dualpoint Interactive. It is a remake of Apocalypse Rising, but at the same time a completely different game, using none of Apocalypse Rising's assets but keeping much of the game's game play, concepts, and feel. It boasts many new features, including a new map, with water, the ability to swim, boats, a tropical island setting, and new weapons. This game was expected to be released before Christmas or New Year's 2017, but it was released over the summer. Gusmanak has stated that the current Apocalypse Rising game is so broken and flawed that nothing but a rewrite would suffice, which in turn was relabeled as Apocalypse Rising 2. Despite this, legacy (current) Apocalypse Rising will be available to play after Apocalypse Rising 2's release. Gusmanak has also stated that progress update videos will likely be posted weekly, though that has not been the case so far.

The game has been released to the public for alpha testing with an access fee of R$ 1,000. Update (8/4/17) Due to too many issues AR2 will be released August 4, 2017 at 8:00 PM ET. AR2 will still require an access fee of R$ 1,000 to play the Alpha testing.

Known Information

*Weapon skins and game-passes will not carry over.
  • Models are being updated with a low-poly scheme.
  • Apocalypse Rising 2's map will be 2.7 times larger than Reimagined and 1.48 times smaller than Reborn. I did this on a calculator, so if it is a tiny bit off, pardon me.
  • Due to the map size, aircraft implementation is a possibility and will be considered.
  • Becoming "prone" will be introduced.
  • A completely new inventory.
  • A bullet drop and muzzle velocity system will be introduced.
  • Random spread will become a much less important game play feature.
  • The player's arms will be visible in first person.
  • The player will be able to punch and melee with any weapon.
  • Bullet ricochet is introduced.
  • There will be a new script creating a list of exploiters
  • Civilian grade weapons such as the M3 and Federov will be able to attach sights,

underbarrel accessories and suppressors.

  • A new rifle scope will be added, meaning people will be able to snipe properly.
  • There will be no more content updates for the original AR (with the exception of minor bug fixes)