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Backpacks are used to increase the capacity of the player's inventory. There are four types of backpacks, and each backpack type can come in multiple colors.
Backpack Types
FPB ‘’’Fanny Backpack’’’ - Being the lowest quality backpack in the game, the Fanny Backpack only grants the player two (2) extra inventory slots.

HPO ‘’’Hiking Backpack’’’ - Slightly better than Fanny Backpacks, Hiking Backpacks grant the player four (4) extra inventory slots.

Survivalpack ‘’’Survival Backpack’’’ - Slightly better than Hiking Backpacks but slightly worse than Military Backpacks, Survival Backpack grant the player six (6) extra inventory slots.

MBG ‘’’Military Backpack’’’ - The backpack with the largest extra storage in the game, Military Backpacks grant the player eight (8) extra slots.

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