This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

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The Bandit Badge is a badge in Apocalypse Rising. This badge is awarded to players who have survived 3 days and have killed 5 players aggressively. The badge is red, with a skull in the middle. The Bandit Badge is the easiest badge in the game to obtain with the exception of the Survivor Badge. In early December 2013, there was a ROBLOX gift and to receive it, players were required to earn certain badges; the Bandit Badge was one of these badges.


"Awarded to those who kill at least 5 players, and survive for 3 days. You must accomplish this all in one life, and you cannot earn this badge in a VIP server."


  • Pray you don't run into a hero. They will end your streak. Stay low unless traveling with a group
  • The quickest way to kill someone is shooting their head.
  • If you attack an unsuspecting person from behind you can kill them without them firing a single shot.
  • If you see someone who is standing still, shoot them immediately.
  • Do not try to get the Bandit Badge with a lower class weapon, such as the Maverick 88 Shotgun. Instead, loot up, get military grade weapons and then go for the hunt.
  • Always keep an eye on the chat. Players often give off their location, making themselves easy targets.
  • Save your ammo for Players and use melee weapons against zombies.
  • Some hackers will troll bandits. When entering a new server and the indication of a hacker is there, get out of said server.


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