This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Barn Thumb
Name Barn
Model Name


Loot Types

Civilian, Military (very rare)

Building Type

Farm, Civilian, Agriculture

Barns are small structures normally found in the rural areas of Apocalypse Rising maps. The structure is composed of a beige color dormant and a brown prism top roof. Weapons, most commonly Shotguns and Bolt-Action Rifles, with the occasional M3 and supplies are found on the wooden planks inside the structure. The barn can also be used as a settlement, though it is not recommended, as they contain little of interest.


  • There are two types of barns. One has a hay bale in it and the other has two barn lofts in it.The barn loft spawns guns on the top loft and food on the bottom loft, while the hay bale barn spawns tires, guns, and sodas on the floor.
  • This looks like a stereotypical barn, but with the double doors on the side and not on the front.
Minor Structures

Barn Warehouse Shed Loft Apartment House

Major Structures

Radio Tower Fort Ruins Military Outpost Refugee Camp Prison Town Hall

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