• FreakingNarwhales
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  • Godonan


    May 18, 2017 by Godonan

    K, phew, now that I have an active buddy, let's revisit the checklist:

    Very Tedious (come on Godonan, you gotta do deez first)

    • Revamp Ammunition Portal
    • Revamp Attachments Portal
    • Merge Ammunition and Attachments with Weaponry
    • Complete all sub-pages for Gameplay
    • Complete Rules
    • Complete Vehicles
    • Complete Backpacks
    • Complete Clothing
    • Complete Utilities
    • Complete Building Supplies
    • Add to all pages except for general pages.

    Normal Difficulty

    • Complete Wiki Staff
    • Merge Backpacks, Clothing, Utilities, and Building Supplies into Accessories
    • Move portals to Apocalypse Rising I page
    • Purge the remains of the Old Bureaucracy

    Seriously Easy (like, seriously bro)

    • Terminate Mechanics
    • Terminate Theories
    • Terminate Storyline Portal
    • Terminate Guides
    • Terminate Social
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  • DarvinostheGreatGamer

    This will be updated probably weekly! (:

    Hello, I am Johnathan, a military personnel sent to wipe out the infected, but there are just too many. My friend, Alex, is the only one other than me not infected with the "Zombie" Virus. It is not confirmed that those infected are zombies, but since most of the world calls everything green and bloodthirsty with a deadly virus a "zombie" Alex and I both only have a few guns and clips of ammo. We only have 2 Tec-9s and 1 M870, each with onl 5 mags left. We survive off what the infected that we kill drop, but are very careful about what we get from them. On the plus side, we have a Humvee, which will get us around quicker than walking. I have an arctic camo outfit, which sucks because we are in the pl…

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  • BoomTexan Bad Content, Possible Naked Pics Possible Revolution CheeZniper's First Dissappearance Jerks in the Reddit Hacking DEFCON Procedure That Implies Hackers Were Prevalent…

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  • BoomTexan

    My (maybe

    March 27, 2017 by BoomTexan
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  • BoomTexan

    Guys, I'm trying to make it step by step into the world of admins, and this is step two out of three.

    There are some locked pages I'd like to get at and fix.

    That may not seem like a big deal, but we need PERFECTION on this wiki if we want to be recognized as the real Apocalypse Rising wiki. That goal may seem far off, but if we can make the wiki look better, it will go a long way. Also, the front page is cluttered, we need to fix that (get rid of the purging sign, get rid of the flashing colors, etc.)

    I have good spelling, so I won't botch up the locked pages that are important.

    I don't abuse power. I won't lock pages like Omni-Light, Portal:Building Materials, stuff like that.

    I am an experienced editor, and have over 1700 edits I think.

    I'm n…

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  • BoomTexan

    Guide to Guns

    March 16, 2017 by BoomTexan

    Hey guys, this is a guide by me that will always be a WIP, there are just too many guns to document and give you complex summaries of. These are ranked in the order that the Weaponry (Apocalypse Rising 1) ranks them. Hope you enjoy!


    Makarov: The starter weapon isn't that bad in fact... It has a high ROF, and a damage per second of 130. The only drawback is the terrible accuracy and terrible damage. It fits supressors, but why someone would want to fit one on this piece of crap is beyond me.

    CZ-75: The upgraded Makarov, this holds more rounds, is slightly more stable, and can fit a LASER, but it isn't too much of an improvement.

    Revolver: The Smith and Wesson 625 is a powerful bore, too bad it can't hold many rounds or fit any attachment…

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  • Godonan
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  • Godonan


    March 8, 2017 by Godonan

    List all pages here. For quality.


    Weaponry (Apocalypse Rising I)

    Consumables (Apocalypse Rising I)

    Cow (Apocalypse Rising 1)

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  • BoomTexan

    Where to loot, under what circumstances you should loot in, where you should loot, why you should loot, and how you should loot.

    1. Never ever go into Kin for anything besides vehicle parts and medical supplies. You can't find such a large quantity of these things anywhere besides Kin. You can, however, find more military loot in small towns like Korri and Dirk than you will ever find in Kin.
    2. The locations of military tents. While this may not sound important, the military tents in un-named villages hold more loot than you would think. Here is a map with all the unmarked military tent locations.
    3. Cars are dangerous things to have. While they get you there quickly, and you are able to find better loot faster, people target you for them. There have…

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