• Sniperbot12

    betrayer (katsian13)

    December 3, 2017 by Sniperbot12

    Heya there folks, if you wanna see the absolute bottom feeding scum of the apoc community feel free to click this link and see the profile of this absolute garbage!

    So this dude seems normal, right? He invites me to his group, i usually dont join, especially when i got good gear, but today i am (was) in a good mood and i join. I talk to him, he talks to me, whatever, dude seems cool. I'm driving around my ATV and i happen to see this guy, i drive over and beep the horn, kinda offering for him to hop on. This dude just kicks me from the group and sprays me with a ppsh. 10/10 biggest garbage person on apoc.

    RIP fal, mili, 6 drums, g18, atv 15 kills,7 days.

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  • American233

    Hi AdMiNs

    November 9, 2017 by American233


    (totally not copy and pasted lol)

    I WOULD Be sSOoOSooOOOOooo offended if u dont CHOOOOOOOOOOSE ME

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  • FreakingNarwhales

    Hidden Locations

    October 22, 2017 by FreakingNarwhales

    Many a time has been spent rushing into Kin or MA for quick kills. Many a time that has led to your death. Many also, are the people who don't explore. Who don't forge a path of their own.

    The following are the small camps, the small outposts and the lonely houses that stand abandoned. The places where no road leads to. All of these structures are in Reborn, as it is the largest and most secretive map.

    Up here may seem barren and deserted at first glance, but building materials spawn outside of the shack and other items on top of the tower.

    This also happens to be the highest point of the map, and so it is extremely windy, as the name suggests.

    Food can be got from Windy Peaks.

    This location is a lot less windy than the previous and also has mo…

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  • American233

    Adventure in Kin

    October 5, 2017 by American233

    It was a dark night at Kin. 


    Too quiet.

    I was on a looting run from the bunker, into Kin. It was my fifth night. I heard no one. I had a M14 and was dodging the bright stares from the floodlights I had put around, trying to attract some noobs. 

    I had approached Union Square. I did not know what dangers lie before me. I crept in a building, finding a 

    MP5!!!! I quickly grabbed it, along with two magazines. Then... WHAM!

    A fire truck quickly zoomed past my window's glare. It crashed and THUDED with a big explosion. Three players went out. They were bandits, noobs of the Apocalypse. They jumped out and ran into Union Square. I followed absentmindley.

    I crept behind the building, in third person. They were still running around, looting. One of…

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  • American233


    October 2, 2017 by American233

    What is the meaning of life? Everyday I get up, go to school, go to dinner, and sleep. I am bored to death, I dont even know what to do. If I go missing, I've either adaboned this wiki or ended up motherfucking dead. 

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  • American233

    Play Invite

    September 20, 2017 by American233

    Hey guys, I'm new to this wiki.

    I want to tell the admins good job on this, since I can tell theres a lot of effort put into this. Well, I'm going to shut my mouth, and cut to the chase.

    Do you wanna build a snowman?

    XD just kidding but I am lonley on Apoc. Can somebody on this wiki comment to this? I really want to play Apoc with someone that actually speaks. My email is and maybe we could chat on email or make a call. Comment down below if u wanna play with me, I check my email reguarly (One a day, at 4:00). I can only play on weekends, comment down below. Good times for me to play is 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm ETZ (Eastern Time Zone). Okay. I'll scratch the gmail thing. If you want to play, first comment down here, and then i…

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  • Godonan

    All Pages

    September 13, 2017 by Godonan

    About the Game (Apocalypse Rising 1) Accessories (Apocalypse Rising 1) Amend Apartments Apocalypse Games Apocalypse Rising Apocalypse Rising 1 Apocalypse Rising 2 Apocalypse Rising Records Apocalypse Rising Universes Apocalypse Rising v.1.0.0 April Fools' Day Updates Bandit Badge Bandit Bandana Barn Blood Bag Bricks Building Supplies (Apocalypse Rising 1) Bump Flatts Camo Pack 1 Gamepass Car Dealership Cardio Perk Cemetery Change Log Character Creation Characters Cheek Pitts Chemlight Church Civilian Loot Clinic Combat Logging Construction Site Consumables (Apocalypse Rising 1) Consumables (Apocalypse Rising 2) Cow (Apocalypse Rising 1) Crane Credit Damage Deer Stand Delivery Van Doge Dualpoint Interactive Elf Zombies Enhanced Spawn Gamepa…

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  • FreakingNarwhales
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  • Godonan


    May 18, 2017 by Godonan

    K, phew, now that I have an active buddy, let's revisit the checklist:

    Very Tedious (come on Godonan, you gotta do deez first)

    • Revamp Ammunition Portal
    • Revamp Attachments Portal
    • Merge Ammunition and Attachments with Weaponry
    • Complete all sub-pages for Gameplay
    • Complete Rules
    • Complete Vehicles
    • Complete Backpacks
    • Complete Clothing
    • Complete Utilities
    • Complete Building Supplies
    • Add to all pages except for general pages.

    Normal Difficulty

    • Complete Wiki Staff
    • Merge Backpacks, Clothing, Utilities, and Building Supplies into Accessories
    • Move portals to Apocalypse Rising I page
    • Purge the remains of the Old Bureaucracy

    Seriously Easy (like, seriously bro)

    • Terminate Mechanics
    • Terminate Theories
    • Terminate Storyline Portal
    • Terminate Guides
    • Terminate Social
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  • DarvinostheGreatGamer

    This will be updated probably weekly! (:

    Hello, I am Johnathan, a military personnel sent to wipe out the infected, but there are just too many. My friend, Alex, is the only one other than me not infected with the "Zombie" Virus. It is not confirmed that those infected are zombies, but since most of the world calls everything green and bloodthirsty with a deadly virus a "zombie" Alex and I both only have a few guns and clips of ammo. We only have 2 Tec-9s and 1 M870, each with onl 5 mags left. We survive off what the infected that we kill drop, but are very careful about what we get from them. On the plus side, we have a Humvee, which will get us around quicker than walking. I have an arctic camo outfit, which sucks because we are in the pl…

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