• BoomTexan

    This is for Reimagined only, Reborn and Amend will come later. Heya guys! I really haven't been making blogs in a while, so I figured it was time to start making guides again! Thanks for supporting me earlier (c3colec4, Godonan, Duegann, American233.) I'm gonna start with the most dangerous cities and move down to the least dangerous. Also, I'm gonna split the cities into two sections: bandits and survivors.


    Getting the big one out of the way first, with Kin. This city is big, has good loot and a lot of bases, and is also extremely deadly. Even going into the outskirts can lead to a confrontation. Nowhere is safe except for the civilian districts towards the west, and even those can be fatal. The most dangerous place to go is to the…

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  • BoomTexan
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  • DaRealLitto

    (This stuff is for our special Apoc RP group if you wanna join, add me on discord and send me a message! LittoGaming22 #8148

    Name: Jason 'Litto' Samuels. Normally nicknamed 'Litto' by members of the public.

    Age: 16 to early twenties. Nobody knows it.

    Gender: Male.

    Clothes: He likes to wear a Special Operations Black Camoflauge, and sometimes also dons a Ballistic Helmet.

    Loadout: M4A1 or M14. He enjoys using drum mags, as he likes destroying hordes. He also sometimes keeps a M1911 as a secondary, but rarely uses it.

    Wounds/Features: Has a scar on his leg due to a crimminal confronation, where he was shot. Also as a tatto of his service number which cant be seen.

    Role: Military Combat Engineer, sometimes patrolman.


    Left Shark/Smurf: L…

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  • BoomTexan

    Name: SJP (but he's called Boom here)

    Faction: Military

    Age: 20

    Preferred Gun: HK417, G3

    Nemesises: DxTripl3X, Endet15, iiVoidify

    Allies: tin3000

    Gender: Male

    Race: White


    After the Apocalypse killed his family, Boom hid in a barn, killing zombies for food (hersheys bars and pepsi, yum), and eating stockpiled wheat. When he turned 18, old enough to join the military, rebels came to his barn and held him hostage. They took his wheat and food, took his guns, and left him with a hunting knife. He made the long trek to Korri, the closest outpost (though it has since been overrun by the hordes), and joined the army, as an ensign. He was paid with food and drink (which he ate plenty of). He showed valor fighting against the scavengers and rebels, and…

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  • Endet15

    Endet15 RP lore:

    March 26, 2018 by Endet15

    (This stuff is for our special Apoc RP group if you wanna join, add me on discord and send me a message! Endet15#5656)

    Name- Ray or Rayford Wolf, alias endet. (Normally goes by endet)

    Age- early to mid-twenties.

    Gender- Male. Hair/eyes- Brown

    Clothes- Brown padded shirt and blue jeans, black brimmed hat and grey shades.

    Loadout- AK47, Uzi, combat knife. Wounds/scars- currently has a nasty new scar next to his right eye. Bandaged up gunshot wound on the leg, and as of late, is seriously wounded in the middle Windy Campgrounds. 

    Relationships with other players-

    Smurf/left shark- Smurf is the leader of the Rebel faction. Endet would give his life for the good of the rebels and is extremely loyal towards him.

    BoomTexan- BoomTexan is a military soldie…

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  • BoomTexan

    Rebels The rebels, allied under their leader Left Shark, are one of the two main factions. Mostly, they are disgruntled citizens who have decided to take action. They use whatever weapons that they can get, mostly hunting rifles, revolvers, and shotguns, but a few have old military guns. They have an unsteady supply of food and drink, as they are constantly on the run. They are the underdogs of the game, and they fight desperately to get a foothold in strategic places. They were created when the government of Reborn passed higher taxes, in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. The government was so far under debt that they had to pass higher taxes, then the zombie apocalypse came, and they needed money for vaccinations, which all failed. The…

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  • Emangh

    Strange object

    February 25, 2018 by Emangh

    Hello survivors, I publish this to look for information.
    Anyone know what this object is, I can not take it looks like a camera and it is in reimagined this north of mansion But by the written message I suppose it was a camera

    I'm really surprised to find this object and I would like someone to explain to me that.  it isEmangh (talk) 17:30, February 25, 2018 (UTC)

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  • BoomTexan    M1911  MP5K Model 29    M16A2     SKS     M14 AK-47

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  • Godonan

    Control, Alt, DELETEEEEEE

    January 20, 2018 by Godonan
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  • Joshua040810

    I'd like to apply for the Moderator position as mentioned in your Staff Managment article. As requested, I have written a completed staff application, credidentials and reasons down below.

    The opportunity presented is very enticing as I have noticed an extreme lack of activity over the past week, even from some of the Staff, this Wiki has a lot of potential and I'd like to help fix it up through actively contributing and moderating the Wiki whenever possible. This alone is a well enough reason why I think, I should be promoted.

    I have had over half a year's experience as a Content Moderator, Discussions Moderator and Administrator on both the Arcane Adventures Wikia and their Discord server, which alone I believe would make me a very good ca…

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