Bricks are a building material found in Apocalypse Rising. They are pink and can be moved with an entrencher.


Bricks spawn in civilian-industrial looting sites. They are commonly used for bases, and take up 3 spaces in an inventory. Their unusually pink colour makes it fairly obvious when creating bases so be mindful when placing them. While small and not very good for massive structures, its aforementioned small design makes it perfect for makeshift barricades or sandbag-like fortifications. It's small shape makes it wonderful for sniper nests and for car blocks, too.

Bricks are also useful in terms of barricades. They can be used to fortify entrances and also block car entry as well. Bricks often aid in the building of "crouch entrances" (an entrance that lets only player crouching or crawling zombies make it through. This can be useful to stop raiders as they have to make it through a barrage of fire. Usually the best way to counter these are to just move them with the entrencher.

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