Building supplies are used to construct bases, barricade openings, allow the player to reach places normally not accessible, and to be used as cover in gunfights.

Building supplies can be commonly found in places where car parts spawn, such as garages.

All building supplies, when deployed, can be moved only with the entrencher. For information regarding the entrencher, visit the Accessories portal for Apocalypse Rising 1.

Building Supplies

Image Name Storage Size Spawn Info
Stone Walls
Stone Walls 3 Spawns in a rectangle of four.
Stone Bricks
Stone Bricks 3 Deploys as four smaller versions of Stone Walls
Wooden Planks
Wooden Planks 2 Spawns in as three(?) rectangles stacked up on top of each other, each consisting of four planks.
NEEDS IMAGE Bricks 3 Spawns as a pyramid-like shape with eight(?) bricks on the bottom and four(?) on the top.
Timber 3 Spawns in a rectangle of four(?) with two stacked on top.
NEEDS IMAGE Metal Truss 2 Spawns in a rectangle of four with two stacked on top.
Floodlight 2 Spawns as a singular floodlight that cannot be picked up.