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Stone Walls commonly spawn in areas such as WarehousesBarns and the Industrial side of Kin. They are used to fortify buildings. They commonly used to cover up windows, houses or barn doors. They are also very good to cover up large gaps in bases, E.G. door ways or just to make walls in general.


Stone Blocks are a building material found in Apocalypse Rising. They are found in any building that spawns industrial loot, such as a warehouse. They take up three inventory slots and when deployed will appear as four blocks. They are useful for building tall, thick structures.

Wooden Planks are a building material that can be found in Apocalypse Rising.


Building Materials commonly spawn in areas such as WarehousesBarns, and the Industrial side of Kin. They are used to fortify buildings. You can create a lot of things such as Stairs. They excel at fortifying windows and doors, as they have a large, flat surface area while not taking up a lot of space. Planks tend to spawn in the greatest amount in the game and are the thinnest building material.

Bricks are a building material found in Apocalypse Rising. They are pink and can be moved with an entrencher.

They spawn in civilian-industrial looting sites. They are commonly used for bases, and take up 3 spaces in an inventory. They are very large; they can make a base look very obvious, so be careful when using one. While small and not very good for massive structures, its aforementioned small design makes it perfect for makeshift barricades or sandbag-like fortifications. It's small shape makes it wonderful for sniper nests and for car blocks.

These are perfect for sniper/MG nests, blocking gaps in barricades, stairs, sniper nests, and tightening "crouch-barricades' (AKA "crouch-entrances), a kind of makeshift door that requires players to crouch and crawl their way in, preventing non-crawling zombies from entering, as well as making it harder for invading players to get in by slowing them down and funneling them through a gauntlet of small arms fire.

Timber is a Building Material that can be found in Apocalypse Rising. Timber can be used as a column, a rampart, or as a fortification from enemy fire.

Building Materials commonly spawn in areas such as the Warehouse, Barn and the Industrial side of Kin. They are used to fortify buildings. You can create a lot of things, such as stairs. Its simple and long design makes it perfect for simple vehicle bridges, as you can make one that works perfectly for a gap between wheels, great for vehicles but making it hard for players to cross. It also can be used for pillars in order to build up to greater heights and make more realistic-looking houses. Its also good for "crouch barricades" which are barricades which must be crawled under in order to enter a fortified building. Military Barricades also use a material that looks similar to Timber.

The metal truss is a rare item that allows you to climb up it. Before, you had to put bricks on top of each other with a little room in between to make a ladder, which was very hard to do. Trusses used to be only found on silos, barns, and large buildings, and were not removable. It is about the same size as timber, and is only found in warehouses and large garages, such as the unique buildings in Kin and Military Outpost. It looks like a block of crisscrossed metal.

The Entrencher is a rare utility used in the process of building or destroying a base or fort. Its rarity and usefulness makes it indispensable for any group of any size. It is found in any building that spawns industrial and civilian loot. It is used for moving building materials in order to protect entrances, make walls, ceilings, stairs to get to otherwise unreachable places and other constructions. It is also a useful tool for breaking into other players bases.

The Entrencher can also move loot, though it is not designed to. You can either move the loot to your base, or move loot you find but do not need in unreachable places, so other players do not get it.

This utility is a necessity for someone who wants to stay in one place for an extended period of time in one place(in terms of how much time a person usually spends somewhere).

This is a utility that all merchants (people who just want to trade materials with people) will be found with. The entrencher can make shelves and can move materials onto them, so killing a merchant will grant you one, as unethical and desperate it is to.

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