Guns are general ranged weapons used for taking down players, zombies, and minor parts of the environment. They vary from all the secondary handguns to powerful primaries such as assault rifles.

All guns share several similarities with each other:

  • When shooting at inanimate objects(excluding cows and sheep), a small cloud of smoke may appear, depending on your graphics settings. Also, depending on the type of material shot at, the smoke will be brown or gray.
  • Windows can be shot open with any gun, as well as with melee weapons.
  • When a player, zombie, or animal is shot, a spray of "blood" (recently changed to a spurt) will briefly appear. This is a useful indicator to see if you have hit a player.
  • All guns with the same caliber/bullet size will have the same damage. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the caliber, the more damage it will cause.
  • They spawn with between one and 3 clips.

All guns are listed below in their respective categories. Take a look!

The new "splurt" is made by a ROBLOX update, which changed "Fire" to look better, "fire" is used as the blood.

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