The character creation menu is one of the first things you see in Apocalypse Rising. It allows you to change the hair, skin color, vest color, outfit, and specialization, commonly known as a perk, for the character. There are also other objects in the game that can change your original decisions, such as Clothing, Masks, Hats, Utilities, and Backpacks.


Hair, is what is worn (ROBLOX Hat Wise) On top of the player model's head, there are many different hairstyles to choose from. When equipping a hat, the player Hair will be removed and replaced with the desired hat, but the hair can be combined with Masks.


Skin is what the limbs, torso, and head are colored with.


The Vest is what is worn over the torso. The Vest can be in three different styles, and more then 12 different colors. Choose wisely if you are a stealth build character, or you're trying to look awesome, because you can not change your vest after you spawn. These vest colors, and styles, will have no effect (stat wise) on your character.


The Shirt is the top part of the player model, and is worn as a Shirt (ROBLOX Game Instance), and can be of different colors, styles, and rarity. Of course, spawning with military grade clothing will make you have to buy gamepasses to obtain them as of the 6.5.6 Update.


The Pants are the bottom part of the player model, and are worn as Pants (ROBLOX Game Instance), and can be of different colors, styles, and rarity. Of course, spawning with military grade clothing (Ex: Trinity Red Camo) will cost you a certain amount of Robux accordingly with the 6.5.6 Update.

Spawn enhancements

Spawn enhancements: Spawn enhancements are something that a player can purchase for a sum of Robux on the Gamepass screen, and give the player unique spawn items (Water Bottle, MRE, Compass, Map, GPS, Hatchet, Crowbar, Knife) and can be used when the player has spawned in. There is also a game pass that allows you to spawn on a certain region of the map, North, South, East, and West.

Character Creation


There are a total of four perks in total to choose from. The Cardio Perk, the Ninja Perk, the Survivalist Perk, and the Vitality Perk. Each perk has their own unique skill that boosts the players survival, but as of the 5.0.0 update, players can double two perks together to receive the bonuses from both, which is a Gamepass that costs some Robux.

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