This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Cheek Pitts Sign

The sign for Cheek Pitts. It is of similar design to those of smaller towns on all 3 AR maps.

Cheek Pitts

Cheek Pitts, as seen from above. Note the broken jerry tank, which can be seen up close below.

This location is from the Amend map of Apocalypse Rising.

Cheek Pits is one of the smaller hamlets on Apocalypse rising. It is mostly known for being the most northern town of the game, excluding the Military Airfield. The town has few buildings and is mostly storage containers. There is also a gas tank to refill jerry cans, albeit broken in design, it is still functional. 

Broken Jerry Tank

The broken jerry tank. It still works, however.


Roblox Apocalypse Rising Episode 52 Adventures in the Cheek Pitts16:02

Roblox Apocalypse Rising Episode 52 Adventures in the Cheek Pitts

Cheek Pitts is not a popular destination, since it has no specific buildings for game aid (medical center, grocery store, etc). There are, like mentioned, few buildings, so it spawns very few loot items. There are also no locations nearby spawning military loot.


  • There only 5 buildings in this town.
  • There is a broken jerry tank that still works, yet broken in appearance.
  • There are many storage crates.
  • This appears to be a hastily assembled town, that was partially destroyed.
  • This is the Amend equivalent of Bump Flatts.
  • Gusmanak has a house (not a mansion) near this area.
    Cheek Pitts and Fire Truck

    A photo of a Fire Truck by Cheek Pitts

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