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This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Civilian Clothing is what all players normally spawn in, and is also the most common tier of clothing. Like all tiers of clothing, it can come in two forms: Shirts and Pants (pants are rarer). These can be found anywhere on the map. All civilian clothing is tan, Rambo and Padded clothing are brown, military camos are green, Gusmanak's Armor is orange, and Zolarketh's Armor is a slightly dark blue. The dropped clothing look the same whether they are pants or shirts. Most people would swap this clothing out for others due to bandits hunting freshies with these shirts on, and the ugly look of these shirts makes them unwanted. However, this may go the other way. People may kill you if you have military clothing, thinking you have gear. Civilian clothing may even protect you, showing your status as having no significant loot, and therefore no reason to be killed.


Civilian clothing is the most common clothing item(s) found in the game and players spawn with it by default. Civilian clothing is usually plain, colored shirts and sweaters. Thus the name "Civilian Clothing." Due to covering most of the arms, some shirts (such as the grey/black/green) are surprisingly good for stealth, due to their color and shirt length. Wearing civilian clothing can also identify you as a starting player or show that you died recently (starting civilian clothes). However this can also be used for a false sense of confidence if you are a bandit because they will think you're just a noob and once they realized their mistake, they are almost at 1 health as shown in this picture below of an OP player who has civilian clothes.

RobloxScreenShot02172016 104058430

An example of an OP player who may be overlooked by his bad clothing.


  • Blue Civilian Shirt
  • Brown Civilian Shirt
  • Green Civilian Shirt
  • Grey Civilian Shirt
  • Red Civilian Shirt
  • White Civilian Shirt

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