Civilian Loot is a type of loot in Apocalypse Rising that can be found in any section of the maps. It is VERY common and can be used by everybody. All civilian weapons need skill to be used, since they are statistically speaking "weaker" than most military loot.

List of Civilian Loot



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Medical Items

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  • All civilian weapons are used for law enforcement or have been used in wars. Ex. The Makarov is used for law enforcement in Russia. The PPSH-41 was a weapon that Soviets used in WWII. The M3 Grease Gun was also used in WWII. The Model 625s were used in the Texas Independance War and the following wars with Mexico. The only exceptions are the shotguns.
  • Even though they are considered civilian weapons, and are the first rifles you get in the Apocalypse Games, the Lee-Enfield, Mosin Nagant and M1 Garand are effective sniper rifles in the right hands.
  • Despite its real-life counterpart, Dr. Pepper is considered to be military loot in-game due to its rarity.
  • The Model 459 has the most ammo per magazine of any secondary civilian weapon (14 bullets).
  • The PPSH-41 has the most ammo per magazine of any primary civilian weapon (35 bullets).
  • All civilian rifles can outclass a military-grade weapon if the user is skilled.
  • A very rare occurrence is when military guns spawn in civilian locations. Ex: the G36K spawning in a barn.

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