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Combat logging is the act of exiting Apocalypse Rising while under attack to avoid death. It is generally considered unethical, and is discouraged by the Apocalypse Rising community. Currently, there is only one partially effective measure against combat logging, and has curtailed logging by those who are classified as "in combat." However, combat logging before dealing or recieving damage is still successful.

After three combat logs (after which you are given a warning) every time you exit while in combat, your inventory will be reset.

Countering Combat logging

There is only one (1) known method to counter combat logging. Upon dealing or receiving damage via firearm or melee, the bottom left exit button will turn red. This indicates that the player is in combat. After one minute (60 seconds) of not dealing or receiving damage via firearm or melee, the player has left combat and may leave the server if necessary.

Upon combat logging, a transparent white body will remain behind in the server TBADED


Player's transparent white body when combat logged.

RobloxScreenShot06022014 131900837

Combat log warning 2

RobloxScreenShot12222013 183330148

The warning received when rejoining a server after combat logging.

If you are getting shot at and you combat log without ever shooting at the assailant or having not initiated the attack to begin with, then you will rejoin the server to find your gear and weapons untouched.


Tested it myself multiple times on newest servers.


Some people combat log when they think theres a hacker, Hacks to combat log a player counts.

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