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Combat logging is the act of ditching a game quickly while in player combat to avoid death. Ever since it came up, it has been hated by most (although it's become an instinctive reaction among most). Combat logging used to work with previous updates, and would usually save a players life (as he/she would spawn in a different, less dangerous server). A new update warns the combat logger of a violation of the rules the first two times, then wipes the inventory and resets the character after every offense after the third. Occasional glitches will save the combat logger from justice, but the action is not recommended. Another new update makes it so a logger's character will be reset.


When Combat Logging (called "logging" by players) you leave the server you were on and avoid fighting with someone who was attacking you. This makes you keep your items. Combat logging is quite commonly used by players who appear to be skilled (this is controversial because a skilled player would likely be able to defend themselves). Loggers tend to join another server afterwards to escape the attackers, although some join the same server and try to attack him/her back. Combat loggers who join a different server will usually leave the new server if one of their predators hasn't received their reward and chooses to follow. Those who join the same server will make up rather stupid excuses to have fled such as lagging or having glitches. They will also suffer from server humiliation.

Sometimes, loggers do not manage to close the client soon enough, and they end up leaving after they already died. They will either just spawn their corpse and loot and leave the server, or not spawn all or any items at all! Some people consider logging a viable and fair option in certain situations:

  • When the arm/leg glitch occurs (you should leave the server either way when that happens)
  • When group members betray you (groups were not made for betraying, and this technique is as cheap as logging)
  • You aren't at full health(and you have no healing/medical items such as food, painkillers or a bloodbag.) and the P-0 warning signs start to appear

Anti-Combat Log


Player's transparent white body when combat logged.

The current Anti-Combat Log system makes it so if you log after being shot at the character will die and leave behind a transparent white body and the killers will be able to loot bodies. When the logged player comes back to the game it will display the character creator and a message saying they combat logged and their loot has been reset.
RobloxScreenShot06022014 131900837

Combat log warning 2

RobloxScreenShot12222013 183330148

The warning received when rejoining a server after combat logging.

Contributors who are combat loggers

  • User:Truehand
  • User:Freezekiller450 (only when necessary)
  • User:Ninjacookie190 (Only when I accidentally fall off a building that is 3-6 stories)
  • RobloxScreenShot06082014 185409881

    Combat log warning 3.

    User:Gadget57 (someone invited me to a group but they kicked me and tried to kill me and i left the game and then i came back to that same game and he critizised me for combat logging but i critizized him for his treachery his name was ApocaFlame)
  • User:edyyo134RBLX When groups of bandits and p-0
  • User: Metalshadow455 (Yes, i do, But i only do it when i am Outmatched, 2 bandits with Machine Guns/ P-0.)
  • Boomer: Only when I'm panicked and don't know what I'm doing.
  • User:Oloandreas2 only when im stupid..

Combat Logging and not losing your gear

If you are getting shot at and you combat log without ever shooting at the assailant or having not initiated the attack to begin with, then you will rejoin the server to find your gear and weapons untouched.


Tested it myself multiple times on newest servers.


Some people combat log when they think theres a hacker, Hacks to combat log a player counts.

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