This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Construction Site is a location on the Kin Reborn map.


The Construction Site is located in Kin Industrial District. It consists of a crane and an unfinished building, with several cargo containers surrounding it.


The Construction Site is a unfinished orange and grey building, with boxes and crates scattered around. To the side is a yellow crane bigger than City Hall and only has a very small room for controlling the crane. This could possibly have been a second Gus's mansion except in Kin, or it could have been a warehouse or barracks for soldiers trying to keep the infection out of Kin. Judging by the size and multiple floors and doors, this could have been a second hospital too. It is presumed that before they finished building it, the infection struck and all the workers ran away.


Both the building and crane spawn mainly civilian loot with food and items. These loot items consist of low tier civilian guns/ammo, food, drinks, and sometimes building supplies or car parts.


Both the building and crane (mainly the crane) are notorious for basing and camping. Since it is a good place to snipe, located in Kin and has little entrances, it makes a good place to base. Because of those facts, a gunfight taking place here is not uncommon. However when climbing or walking on the crane is recommended to use great caution, one small step could accidentally lead you to fall off and fall to death. Again, remember be careful whenever you are on the crane walking or climbing up or down it. If you happen to have an abundance of painkillers and you are in a spot where a fall may occur, take no chances and apply a painkiller.


  • Despite this being a construction site, no construction worker zombies spawn here nor do any construction vehicles.
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