This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


Consumables are parts in the game that disappear upon being "used" by the Player.

Medical Items

Picture Name Function
Blood Bag Heals 10% of your health every second until you're full.

Note: Blood bags stop healing after you get hit, so you have to use another one.

Painkillers Reduces damage received by 20% for 45 seconds.

Food Items

Picture Name Percent Hunger Increase Percent Health Increase Description Other Information
Beans 60 15 "This can of beans won't expire for months." This is the spawn-in food. One of the first food implemented in the game.
Spam 40 15 "A can of spam may not be appetizing, but it'll have to do." This food item is also another of the first food implemented in the game.
Canned Pasta 60 15 "This can of Pasta is a special treat." It seems Chef Boyardee made his mark in the game.
Tuna 60 15 "A can of Tuna from Tastewell which doesn't make you feel well" Tastewell interestingly has its labels on sale on eBay. Such a vintage.
Chicken Soup 60 15 "Chicken soup to soothe the soul. Too bad you sold your soul to the devil." Bertolii seems to have overtaken Campbell in chicken soups.
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup 60 15 "A can of Tomato Soup" CHECK THIS Heinz makes ketchup, so of course it makes tomato soup.
Beef Stew
Beef Stew 60 15 "A can of Beef Soup" CHECK THIS Apparently zombies sometimes drop beef soup.
Can of Vegetables 60 15 "A can of vegetables" CHECK THIS The vegetables may be green beans.
Pringles 40 10 "Pringles are a great snack for a depressing apocalypse." Your mouth will never feel dry after eating this.
Cheez-It 40 10 "These Cheez-Its will likely stain your fingers." Healthier than Doritos, mind you.
Beef Jerky 40 10 A package of beef jerky Unfortunately, it's plain, not spicy.
Cooked Meat
Meat 100 30 "Raw meat with fresh lead from the bullet that you shot the animal with." Meat is found by killing cows. They are consumable once you cook it over a burning campfire.
Chocolate Bar 40 10 "This chocolate bar is a rare treat in a dismal world." Despite its size, it takes up an entire inventory slot.
Chips Ahoy 40 10 "Nothing's better that a packet of greasy chips that'll probably give you a heart attack" It's a junk food. Don't expect too much from it.
MRE 100 30 "A military-grade MEAL-READY-TO-EAT." It is indeed military grade, being a... dessert.
Twinkies 40 10 "These things are pretty rare, nowadays. Savor every bite." Considered the rarest food in the game. Maybe.

Drink Items

Picture Name Percent Thirst Increase Description Other Information
Pepsi 60 "This can of Pepsi looks very refreshing." This is the spawn-in drink.
Root Beer
Barq's Root Soda 60 "This Barq's Root Soda is called what it is because certain words cannot be said in this game." Roblox moderation will ban the word "beer."
Orange Crush 60 "A delicious can of Orange Crush" Orange Crush is owned by Pepsi
Sprite 60 NEEDS CAPTION Sprite is owned by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola 60 NEEDS CAPTION This is NOT Moxie.
Mountain Dew 60 "A can of Mountain Dew is the recommended nectar for any survivor." This is quite popular.
Lemonade 60 "This can of lemonade reminds you of your life... Before..." Apparently one's life consisted of lemonade.
Moxie In
Moxie 60 "The old taste of Moxie, with the new name nobody's heard of." A rather new soda
Water Bottle 80 "Nothing beats the good ol' taste of water, except from everything else." Water replenishes the most thirst. Drink sparingly.
Dr. Pepper 60 "Somebody would probably kill you for this Dr. Pepper." The rarest drink in the game...