This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


An Engine Part is a common vehicle part used to repair a vehicle's engine. It is a crucial item when repairing a vehicle.

Engine parts are found in industrial spawns around the map. These include sheds, warehouses, and small Trinity buildings. It is fairly easy to see since its color contrasts with the floor of most buildings. You will need to find it if you want to use any vehicle, and always keep one close by, preferably in the trunk of the car. If the engine becomes too damaged the car will explode, badly damaging (and possibly killing) anyone riding it. The car will also makes a loud noise and will be highly visible if the engine turns red, it might even flame. This can be bypassed, however, by turning the car with the hood facing the opposite side from the source of the person shooting the car, as only the hoodshots deal engine damage.

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