This is a place where you can post fan art pics of Apocalypse Rising, The pictures can range from being hand-drawn, created with MS Paint, or a simple screenshot. No pornography or anything of that sort.


  • Clyde and the Military Pack.
  • The Promotional Photo for Apocalypse Rising: The Story of Patient Zero. (CANCELED)
  • AmazingBlackout5 Apocalypse Rising Commando
  • A hand drawn fan art drawing made by PCK11800. Sorry about the color, I didn't have enough time and also my scanner is messed up so i gotta take a picture of it instead. Please comment on it. Thank you!
  • sweet apoc and hella rising in bandib shotout
  • Sketch of a bandit and a hero.
  • Apocalypse Rising: The Law
  • Apocalypse Rising Infected Soldier
  • Apocalypse Rising The Flashing Zombie Phenomena. (THIS IS NOT PORNO!)
  • Death is inevitable. You cannot escape it...
  • Makarovs and fanny packs. Makarovs and fanny packs everywhere. (based on the X, X everywhere meme)
  • sweet bro and hella jeff in :surviver encoutre
  • phew, my work is done
  • Fan art of Patient Zero
  • When P-0's TV service fails.
P-0's scream, based on the meme 'X all the Y'
Patient Zero's scream

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