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AR Firetruck

68 kph (On Road) 36 kph (Off Road)

Hull Strength 180
Fuel Capacity




Storage slots



This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Fire Truck is an emergency response vehicle that was added to Apocalypse Rising on 12/5/2014, as part of the Vehicle Update.


  • This Vehicle is most frequently seen at Fire Stations, spawning there often; although some players claim to have found a firetruck without any Fire Station being near. ( Might of been used then badly beaten to looked like it did not spawn at the Fire Station )
  • You can turn on the sirens and honk the horn by pressing "H" on your keyboard while sitting in the driver's seat.
  • Although it has less seats that the Ural, it is faster by 10 kph (On Road) and faster by 20 kph (Off Road).
  • It seems that it should have more seats in the back of the truck. Its unknown why there are no seats on the back.
  • 2 seats are inside, 2 are outside (It is dangerous to sit in the outside seats because of the outstanding vulnerability. Players can snipe you and zombies can damage you as well.
  • It has an 25-item storage (comparable to that of a small crate)
  • As of Dec 15th 2015, it is possible to break your inventory whilst in the Vehicle Storage for the Firetruck.
  • It has the 2nd largest inventory of any vehicle after the Ural.

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