This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

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Flint is a new town added to the Kin Reborn map on March 21st, 2016 as a map update addition.


Flint, Olke & Cemetery

Flint is north of the Cemetery. It is east of Olke and northeast of the tunnel connecting Olke and Pitts Park as well as the Olke bunker. It is also northwest of the Power Plant.


Flint is a small town only accessible by dirt road that isn't anything special. Flint really only has a few houses and some industrial buildings with a couple of military barricades and a gun store.


Flint spawns mostly civilian loot: food and drinks, civilian utilities, civilian packs, civilian guns, and ammunition. The town also spawns car parts in the back of the houses and in the industrial buildings. The gun store spawns military loot as well as civilian loot in it. Getting a military weapon or item is possible in this town, though it is hard to do so.


There is a missing water tower in Flint. Gusmanak had it added in the minimap, but he removed it from Reborn.

Player activity is really low here considering the fact that there's not much good loot in the town.

Civilian cars spawn in the town.

This was added in the crane update at the same time as Mavren was added.

Flint is one of the two towns only accessible by dirt road.