This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Grocery store
General Stores, also referred to as supermarkets, are small stores which can be found in most cities, including Hark, Vernal , Kin , etc.

They usually have food and drinks. They also regularly spawn weapons such as the CZ-75, Makarov, M1 Garand, and Mosin Nagant. General Stores also sometimes spawn Fanny Packs, Hiking Packs, and Survival Packs. They are the highest civilian loot spawn building in Apocalypse Rising that is not marked on he map . These are fairly popular for looting.

These can rarely spawn Utilities such as Maps, Compasses, Watches, and Entrenchers.

They are known to spawn some good guns such as the M249, but this is extremely rare, so don't get your hopes up.