This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

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Gusmanak's House

Gusmanak's house is a single story building with orange walls and a green roof. Gusmanak's House can only be found on the Amend map. This was the only building in the game of that type. It is technically a civilian building, but did spawn military loot. It was located in the north-west part of the map above Strive and across from Cheek Pitts. It is a popular destination for bandits and a popular location for loot farming since the loot spawned was usually military loot. The house could be easily barricaded with only 5 windows and 1 door. It could also spawn a jeep from time to time.
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Blown up Jeep in front of Gusmanak's House.

According to legend, Gusmanak came to Amend when the outbreak happened and that he wished to be secluded from zombies and bandits (hence the deserted location).


Gusmanak's House cannot be blown up no matter how much C4 is used.

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