The Helicopter Crash Site is a pseudorandom event involving helicopter crash sites spawning throughout the map. High-tier military loot is often spawned along with military-styled clothing. The helicopter is a yellow Mil Mi-24 Soviet Helicopter (Russian: Миль Ми-24; NATO codename: Hind) with five (5) blades. There is a single entry point in the left of the plane, howevor nothing can be found inside the helicopter.

Smoke is also seen coming out of the crash.


Several key issues occur when observing certain helicopter crash sites. The Mil Mi-24's main helicopter blades rotate clockwise (unlike US helicopters which rotate counter-clockwise). Howevor, the debries from the blade that broke apart upon crashing is to the left of the broken stem which would only have been possible if the blades were spinning counter-clockwise (the high speed of the spinning blade colliding with the ground would throw the blades across in the direction that the blades spin). The other blades are also intact, therefore the blades probably didn't simply continue spinning.


* Helicopters can spawn two of the same weapon.
  • Gusmanak has stated via Twitter that the crashed helicopter is based on Mi-24A "Hind" helicopter used by the Soviet Air Force, its successors, and more than 30 other nations.
    • This along with the presence of both Warsaw Pact and NATO weapons in military locations suggests that the game may take place in a former Soviet nation, such as Latvia or Ukraine.
    • The fact that it is a Mi-24A is also odd, as the "A" variant was a very early one, and only saw minor combat use, with the more modern variants being more popular.
  • It cannot be repaired
  • Weapons only spawn outside the helicopter, never insider.
  • This was replaced with a red Santa's Sled for the holiday update.
  • You can see the location of the helicopter through unloaded map chunks (Reborn)
  • Heli crashes do not respawn loot.