This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Note: This article refers to content that is no longer in the game.


A Hero was a player that killed three Bandit players through aggressive kills. Though often targeted, the hero ranks can be achieved by killing three bandits (players who commit aggressive kills). They are common targets in-game as they've killed three or more bandits, who already have better than usual loot. They are also usually targeted by bandits who seek revenge.

The Hero system has since been removed from the game, but players who help others and kill bandits are commonly known as heroes.

Hero Headband

Heroes had headbands the same way bandits had masks. The item was gained once someone achieved the Hero rank. The headband is blue, which is less visible than the bandit mask, since the mask covers the face while the headband only covers the forehead. Between the v.4.0.0-v.4.5.5 updates, it was a bandanna instead (not to be confused with the bandit bandanna).


Before the v.5.0.0 update, all Hero headbands were red in color. They were later changed to blue.