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A Mark 48 LMG, with 2 houses in the background.

Houses are buildings that are extremely common in Apocalypse Rising. The first buildings you'll probably see when you play. There are two kinds of houses in various colors and shapes. Some have two stories, some have porches, and  others even have accessible roofs. All houses spawn civillian loot regardless what type they are. However, there is an extremely rare chance of military loot spawning in houses. They are also easy to fortify and since the roof is easy to get to,you can basically make a nice little watch tower or sniper tower to pick off players.

Normal House

This house is a small, one story building that spawns common civilian gear. They come in many colors and have triangular rooves. They can be with a few windows broken. This house is so small it is hard to imagine someone living in it, for it only has two rooms. They appear everywhere, from cities to towns to small clusters, among other buildings.

Staircase House

This type of house is larger than the normal house, but it cannot be entered. However, there is a small staircase leading up to the (unentereable) door. Civilian-grade utilities, food, and drinks can be found on the staircase, as well as fanny packs, hiking packs and even the rare survival pack. At the back there is a small, brown roof that spawns civilian gear underneath it.

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