62 kph (On Road) 40 kph (Off Road)

Hull Strength 450
Fuel Capacity




Storage slots



The Humvee is a military vehicle that is found in Apocalypse Rising (abbreviated in game as hummer).


The Humvee is a 4 ( In some cases 6 ) seated vehicle that is known to many players as the best vehicle in the game. The Humvee is very rare and is normally found at times in military camps, small settlements, and rarely at the Factory. The vehicle provides excellent speed and durability in use and a decent storage capacity will be fond with the users as well. Like all vehicles, the Humvee needs repairs to get back up and running to driving conditions. Engine parts, fuel tank parts, wheels, and fuel are so far the most crucial elements in reviving this military grade vehicle. It is advised to keep alert near a humvee since most players will want to fix it up or steal it from you.


  • There is a rare version of the Humvee known as the Hummer which can seat 6 instead of the normal 4.
  • If you have one, people might go all the way as having a bounty placed on your head so basically, if you get killed, the person who set it gets the car and the killer gets really good items.


RobloxScreenShot01252015 050318-725

A player at the Refugee Camp with a grey Humvee.

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