This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

RobloxScreenShot01022015 154305-916

Players driving in a Jeep.


58 kph (On Road) 40 kph (Off Road)

Hull Strength 125
Fuel Capacity




Storage slots



The Jeep is a military vehicle that is found in Apocalypse Rising.

The Jeep starts off as a decent vehicle for a player to operate. The Jeep provides average acceleration along with great speed on the road. Fuel consumption is moderate, depending on the condition of its fuel tank. Overall hull strength is moderate and can take a few direct hits before having unstable hull health. It can hold up to 4 players and has a storage size that is fairly reliable for use.

Most military places spawn this meaning its a common car.


  • The Jeep seems to be based off a Uaz Variant but more likely the Uaz 469
  • The jeep is one of the first five vehicles in the game, as seen in the changelog, along with the ural, pickup truck, tractor, and the civilian car, aka sedan.
  • It is possible to get 60-61 kph max at full repair.


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