This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Note: This article refers to content that is no longer in the game.


A page from a journal.

Journals were rare items that contained stories that developed the plot of the game. They were worth reading to know more about the game's plot.


Journals were added around v1.0.0 and more of them were added in v.3.3.3. They were left by the Journal Writer, scattered around the second map. Journals are not included in the new Kin Reimagined map. There are also documents that works the same as journals, though some or all of them were not made by the Journal Writer. Gusmanak stated that they were "designed to shed light on Trinity Corp and what happened in the "Amend" region."

The gender of the Journal Writer is male.

There are several secondary journal writers: Colonel Parsons Private Limbrick, who are from the military; Dr. Savannah Norton and Dr. Kamran Rehman, who work for Trinity Corp.


Drop to Store for the item was removed in v2.6.0.

Has been found in random areas, such as in the base of the Radio Tower.

This item can be found in any spawn, this is most likely a glitch, you can not read it, but you can see it.