This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Kobra Sight is a medium-powered optical enhancer scope that allows a player to attach it to some primary and secondary weapons, provided that weapon can attach any sights. The scope is a squarish shape with two straight lines pointed in the direction of a solitary red dot. This scope is primarily used just by the look of its design, although there is no magnification power. Many players find the design of the point to be very accurate, providing pinpoint accuracy when given little to no time to aim. This attachment can be attached to many weapons, including the G36K, M249, M4A1, MP5 and other assault rifles or SMGs. It is useful at short-medium ranges, but it can be useful for spray sniping.


RobloxScreenShot11142014 042603731

The Kobra Sight mounted on an Uzi.

RobloxScreenShot01242015 214406843

Kobra on a MK-48.

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