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M14 Battle Rifle

5 bodyshots, 4 headshots

Magazine Size 20 (standard), 30 (extended), 50 (drum).

7.62 x 51mm NATO

Effective Range


Rate of Fire

4-5 shots/1.4 seconds



Firing Modes


Reload Time

4 seconds



Gun Rarity

Very rare

Ammo Rarity


Spawn Locations

Helicopter crash sites, military tents, military buildings, etc.


Barrel: Yes

Underbarrel: Yes

Sights: Yes


The classic selective-fire 7.62 x 51mm NATO M14' Battle Rifle' is a battle rifle in Apocalypse Rising. It appears as a long barreled black rifle. It is top tier in the range category and can snipe at about the range of 300 studs (tested against windows) and lands a headshot at about the range of four union squares and is often compared with the Mk 17. This gun is one of the rarest in the game. When it is found, it is normally near a helicopter crash. The gun looks similar to the Mosin-Nagant, except it is black in color. The gun's ADS accuracy is tied for first best in the game, along with the Mosin-Nagant.
Sniping Windows in Kin With M1400:39

Sniping Windows in Kin With M14

The M14 is the closest thing to a sniper rifle in Apocalypse Rising. To make it most effective as a marksman's rifle, you place an ACOG or SUSAT sight as the optic. Then you give it a foregrip to minimize recoil, and it is suggested you add a suppressor to make yourself harder to locate, but if you do, you might have less bullet damage. It can take underbarrel attachments, the 7.62 suppressor and various weapon sights. It can take 20, 30 and 50 (drum) magazines.

The M14's firing mode is preset to semi-automatic, but can be changed to fully automatic or burst fire. When set to full auto, it has a very high fire rate of 700-750 rpm, which is surprising for this gun,since it is a rifle. Because of its fire rate, it actually outperforms the Mk-17 in CQC.

With great power comes a thirst for ammo and a bounty on your head, not to mention the addition of hard to find ammo. Like the other battle rifles, the ammunition is much harder to find than the standard 5.56 NATO mags for the SCAR-L, M4A1, and G36K. This makes ammo conservation more important than ever, especially with the M14 high RoF. So try to stay away from panicky CQC situations where you're more likely to mag dump half or all of your magazine. Instead, stay a safe distance and snipe to reduce ammo loss.

Its Main Weakness, is the poor hip-firing ability, making harder to hit someone in CQC,M14 should only be used in far range sniping.

All of these weapons have a 3 second reload time.

Kin's Sniper Hill

Where the M14's long range best excels at is Kin's Sniper Hill. It's a great place to snipe because it's high and far, so that bandits will have a hard time sniping you. But you can snipe them. Just get a grip and an ACOG. Plus, becoming a hero or bandit would be easier if you could snipe players from this far. They won't be able to shoot back.


  • This was the last American battle rifle that did not need the involvement of other countries.
  • The M14 rifle was designed in 1954.
  • This gun was used in the Vietnam War.
  • A civilian version of the gun, the M1A, was originally going to be added in the game, but was canceled.
  • Arguably the most accurate battle rifle in the game. May not have the best stats, but people love it.
  • A popular argument usually is that the best sniper in the game is either the M14 with a SUSAT scope or an M14 with an ACOG scope.
  • It resembles the M1 Garand, except it's black in color. This due to the fact that, in reality, the M14 is really just an improvement of the M1 Garand system.
  • The M14 is seen in one of the roblox ads, for these who not play roblox yet or was shown in a website other then roblox, such as YouTube. It is shown with a kobra sight, and a suppressor. Note the heli crash.
  • The M14 is useful for long life survival, but take a lot of blood bags, as you might take some damage and you might be in a Group vs Group. But in the amend map, theres no kin, and its sniper hill. The notable place you can snipe with the M14 in amend is Trinity Airfield's watchtower, but you need some people to guard the tower cause you might be back killed/backstabbed.
  • The M14 is the best gun to have as a sniper rifle to many players in the game.
  • The reason its black in the game and brown on real life because the M14 is gonna copy the Mosin's picture and the players are gonna be confused if Gusmanak does that.


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