This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

This is the Amend Map.
The map consists of large coastal and inland cities and airports that are big player magnents and smaller cities that have 10 to 20 houses and tiny cities that look like their only claim to fame is that they can sometimes (almost never) spawn Auto-5s and M3s. It is the most diverse map in Apocalypse Rising because of the two airports, the pine forest (where the bunker is located), the rolling hills, the plains, and the coast.

Big Cities: Strive, Amend, Delve.

Popular Locations: Trinity Airfield, Delve, Military Airport, Strive, Bunker, Trinity Docks, Amend, and forest.

Medium Cities (cities that have some attraction, like a church, or a gun shop, but are still somewhat small): Irving, Bide, Kanden, Thist, Deft, Grend, Rift, Naft, and Solace.

Small Cities: Petra, Rinset, Mel, Barde, Vista, Trek, Cheek Pitts, Strad, and Fenton.

Locations: Forest, Bunker, Trinity Airport, Military Airport, Trinity Storage, and Trinity Docks.