This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Newest Map

The Map, is a utility, and is a great item to use for navigation. When used, you can find out where areas are (along with a Compass or a GPS for position) and find areas like the Refugee Camp, Military Outpost, Cemetery, etc.


Maps were items that, like every item in the game, were left behind by their previous owners. Since most players might not be familiar with the game map, they are encouraged to have these in their utility slots. It is best used along with a compass and/or a GPS.

Map Grid


A map, useful for navigating the terrain.

The map has letters and numbers, as highlighted in the image, which is used to indicate areas for certain locations. This is a useful way to give your position as most players don't know how to use it. If there are more people who do understand, you can reverse code. For example, Vernal is E3, so it could also be B3 and people would think you're in between Pitts Park and Kin.

Rows and Columns

A1: Hark/Bump Flatts

A2: Mansion

A3: Farms near Pitts park

A4: Dirk

A5: Trinity Corp.

A6: Near Yale; nothing but the map corner here

B1: Near Old Mine;

B2: Near Mansion

B3: Pitts Park

B4: East Kin

B5: Farms near Trinity Corp.

B6: Yale

C1: Near Old Mine and Olke;

C2: Near Olke and Cemetary

C3: Near Kin

C4: Near Kin and Radio Tower

C5: Near Kin and Fort Ruins

C6: Fort Ruins

D1: Near Refugee Camp and Olke

D2: Near Cemetary

D3: Prison

D4: Radio Tower

D5: Korri

D6: Near Korri and Fort Ruins

E1: Refugee Camp

E2: Military Outpost

E3: Vernal

E4: Mason

E5: Factory

E6: Near Factory

F1: Hill over Refugee Camp

F2: Hill over Vernal

F3: Near Vernal

F4: Near Mason

F5: Near Factory

F6: Absolutely nothing


To navigate with the map, open it up with the M key (configurable) or opening the inventory and clicking the map, and then click 'View' from the dropdown menu. When you open it, you will see the map screen. First, if you're in a town or at a crossroad, find a sign that tells you where you are. Next, use a compass to find out which direction you should go to. Then, you follow the direction until you get into the area. Using a GPS will instantly show you where you are, as it identifies you on the map as a blue crosshair-like icon.

In-Game Maps


  • There are no bodies of water in any of the maps.
  • Beaches were accessible in the first two maps, though trying to swim in them will simply cause you to fall through the map and die, losing all of your inventory items. Kin Reimagined is landlocked.
  • In October 2014, Gusmanak updated the map to have a military outpost at E2.


  • If you don't have a compass to navigate, look at the nearby big building. For example, you may see the radio tower. The radio tower is East. Additionally you can just look at where the sun rises, which is east. Mansion and Hark is North. The opposite direction of course is South.
  • As an alternative to the compass, one can use a clock and the position of the sun to find the corners of the world, though difficult for a new player. The sun rises in the East and sets in the west. It is still better to use a compass to be 100% sure.

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