" The Military came to destroy the infected, but what they found was unexpected" -Unknown victim of the virus, found in the Kin city hospital.

Kin's Hosital Messages

Much of the army (assumed to be the U.S) was tasked with eliminating the infected and protecting civilians to ensure mankind's continued survival. They were also assigned to evacuate enough civilians as possible to the different refugee camps (presumed to be more than one) so that nobody else would be infected. When they failed, they applied martial law, and acted without orders to continue to save as many civilians as possible. The Military didn't seem to be that strong, or the Kin and Amend Zones didn't have enough troops and firepower deployed, as when places such as the refugee camp were infected, normally an Army would be permitted to bomb certain infected zones, however they didn't. This is also enforced by how the absence of high power weapons such as machine gun turrets that would be set up at evacuation zones or barricades are absent, and tanks are also never found (they may not be efficient at killing zombies at range, but they sure can crush them). However, this could be that the main military pulled out, but the fates of the military is unknown.
120px-Military Zombie 2

A Military Zombie attacking a survivor.

The military eventually lost too many personnel to the outbreak and ran out of supplies. According to a diary entry, commanding officers on the outside lost contact with them, stranding them (however the most optimistic solution is that most soldiers pulled out, and the ones left behind were taken by the infected, or they wanted to remain and fight to help any survivors left, essentially they had a death wish) After disbanding, most units became infected. Quite a few have retained their gear [Helmets which provide damage reduction from small caliber weapons, such as pistols and low-powered rifles], but most only retained their clothes and possibly a spare magazine, which they have a chance to drop when killed. Military Zombies are more sensitive to sound, they run faster, and the ones with helmets can take more damage. This is probably due to the fact that before they were infected, they were trained for the military, thus making them more physically and mentally fit. This implies that zombies retain their smarts and their physical fitness (Runners were faster but smaller, Walkers were average, and Crawlers were not physically fit).

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