This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Military Airfield, often referred to simply as "MA", is a landmark in the Amend and Reborn maps, similar to Reimagined's Refugee Camp. Due to the name and the allure of military loot, the Airfield is a hotspot for players, and arguably one of the most dangerous areas to be in the game. It is suggested that players avoid the Airfield until they have high-tier civilian or military and/or a group of people to loot with.  

Loot Spawning

Military-tier weapons such as the AK-47, TEC-9, etc. can spawn here. Civilian-tier weapons such as the Auto-5, M1911, Makarov, etc. can also spawn here.

Vehicles such as the Jeep and Humvee can spawn on the runway or in the hangars.

Industrial loot can spawn in the warehouses (Amend) or hangars (Reborn).


Amend: The Military Airfield is located in the northeast corner between the coordinates G-1 and H-1.

Reborn: The Military Airfield is located around the coordinate E-3, directly west of Vernal.


Amend: The Military Airfield consists of a runway, hangars, an air traffic control tower, fire station, and other buildings such as warehouses.

Reborn: The Military Airfield consists of a runway, hangars, a military and medical tent outside the runway area, barracks, and several miscellaneous military buildings.


  • The military airfield of Amend and Reborn look almost identical.
  • Even after the new update, there was an extremely rare chance of finding a server that still had the outpost and the military airfield.
  • From 2008-Lazarus Update, there was an old airfield, but pictures of it are limited and it was poorly made.


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