This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


The military flashlight is cactus green.

The military flashlight is the most powerful flashlight in the game, and is also the rarest flashlight in the game. If you find this you should get it, that is unless you have this flashlight already. You should get this if you have bad computer lighting.  Given how it still can be found in civilian houses, it could mean that the military was breaching house to house for survivors and to kill zombies, but most of them died, got infected, or their bodies decomposed.

This flashlight is different from the other flashlights, it is the rarest and is green, the other two are grey and black (old flashlight and survival flashlight). 

Its not Recommended to use this flashlight In Kin or any big town,due to the Bandits that can find you. 

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