This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Military Zombie

Military zombie in the Refugee camp

Military Zombies are a type of zombie that are commonly found in Apocalypse Rising.


are the toughest type of zombies in Apocalypse Rising, due to them wearing military fatigues, which include body armor. Occasionally, they can appear to wear helmets as well, allowing them to take more than 1 shot to the head, sometimes 4 shots are required to fully exterminate the zombie. The easiest way to kill these zombies is to hack them down with a hatchet or an Officer's Sabre. They are usually found wandering around military tents and outposts, sometimes in large overwhelming numbers.


  • In the Amend Map (4.0.0), could only be found in the two key military locations: The Military Airfield (commonly known as MA) and the forest. Those were the only spots that spawned military loot, aside from the occasional tent or deer stand (which did not spawn zombies)
  • They do not wear helmets in the Amend map.
RobloxScreenShot02042015 151157910

A military zombie in apocalypse rising games

  • There is an average chance that can drop random supplies.
  • There is a small chance they may drop the Gusmanak Armor or ZolarKeth Armor.
  • wear a camo that is inaccessible to the player.
  • can sometimes be seen wearing a helmet that doesn't match their uniform.
  • The standing helmeted version is headshot-resistant to the face but not the helmet.

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