This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


A regular Motorbike(Green) next to a Motorbike with a sidecar(Blue)


58 kph (On Road) 36 kph (Off Road)

Hull Strength


Fuel Capacity




Storage slots



The Motorbike is a vehicle in Apocalypse Rising. It is a great vehicle for a team of two or three. It can go very fast on road as well. To fully repair a motorbike,  you will need 2 wheels (3 if you are using one with a sidecar), an engine, a fuel tank, some scrap metal, and a jerry can.

The motorbike has the ability to go VERY fast. Like the bicycle, it will start off slow, but after you are moving at a good pace, the motorbike will speed up. But be careful! It is very hard to stop while driving at a fast speed, and may need up to 10 seconds to come to a complete stop.

There is a random bug where the motorcycle after you get off and get back on, it may shoot off causing you to crash and wreck the hull.  

This is a good vehicle to use when solo, as itt only needs 2 wheels and is very fast.  
RobloxScreenShot11242014 045559477

A glitched motorbike in the Factory tower.

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