This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The Old Flashlight is your starter light. Its name explains it all its old and doesn't work well. The old flashlights color is grey, this makes it distictively different from the survival flashlight and the military flashlight.

It can still be found as a item. Its common. Its also known as "Bandits Light" as it is a small light and not as attractive as other flashlights. However it is not limited to only bandits many survivors use is to keep away zombie. Also, it is helpful for searching without getting spotted by snipers and zombies.

You start with the flash light (unless you picked one of the selections for advance spawn in the beginning). and is fairly common. The next flashlight you shuld get is the survival flashlight for it illuminates far more than the old flashlight. Before an update, you could do ADS with the flashlight which was slightly helpful.

Old Flashlight 2
RobloxScreenShot08152014 063143675

A Old Flashlight selected

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