This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


Mine Location as seen in blue at the top.

The new Mines or Mine-shaft is one of the locations on the map for the Kin Reimagined update. It's a large maze-like tunnel system on top of a hill with many smaller tunnels leading down throughout it. It is known to spawn mostly civilian loot but may also have some military loot inside.


The "New Mine" is presumably a remake of the Old Abandoned Mine from Kin Re-Imagined. You can find the Mines in the top, or Northern, section of the map. The Mines are on top of a mountain located between the Windy Peak Campground and Hark and will have a road leading up to it. It is recommended to bring a light-source with you because the mine will be dark if the Power Plant isn't active (The part about the mine needing power-plant to stay lit is unconfirmed). Also, with the new remake of the mine being much larger than the previous version, it can be much easier getting lost.

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Mine entrance.

You can, in fact, drive a vehicle inside the larger tunnels of the mine with bikes and motor-bikes being able to fit inside the smaller tunnels of the mine. The mine is known to spawn civilian loot, food and drinks, building supplies, and occasionally military loot in certain areas. (Fore-mentioned information based off my findings alone, so forgive me if it's wrong). Now that the mine spawns building supplies it is a recommended spot for a base as you can live off the supplies inside the mine, and just requires not getting lost.


  • Some of the tunnels in the new mine go down deeper into the earth unlike the original Old Mine.
  • There are two buildings and a few shipping containers outside the mine entrance.
  • The walls of the mine are made of dirt instead of stone, also the pillars within the mine make a good spot to hide for unsuspecting players walking inside.
  • The size from bottom to top is enormous, about 6x bigger than the re-imagined size