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The Olke Bunker is a location added to Reborn on the March 21st, 2016 map update.

The Olke Bunker is a light bluish grey and dark bluish underground shelter. It is somewhat slanted and easy to enter. There are four rooms in the bunker. The bunker also has yellowish crates in it which can offer cover from attacks. However, they are not accessible. One room which is small and compact has many of the crates in it and even a small staircase. There is another room which is even more small and compact. There are also two big rooms that have lots of space but other than that there's not much to be seen here. It is much less smaller than the Kin bunker which is a maze of rooms.

The Olke bunker is on the hill of Olke, Cemetery, and Pitts Park. It is on the eastern side of the hill towards the Cemetery. It is south of Olke and almost right above the tunnel. It is near a little wooden hunting tower.
The Olke Bunker spawns medical supplies like blood bags and painkillers, food and drinks, civilian guns and ammo, civilian utilities, building materials and crates, backpacks. There has been some military loot found here. However, the military loot here that spawns is usually low-tier to mid-tier but some high-tier military loot spawns here rarely.
Bases here are common, and it is actually easy to fortify the bunker due to there being only one entrance. Loot runs aren't exactly needed due to food and drinks, medical supplies, building materials, and sometimes military loot spawning here. However, you might have to go out and look for ammo and military loot if you can't get any here.

The Olke Tunnel is a minor area in the Reborn map of Apocalypse Rising.

The Olke Tunnel is very easy to spot, as it is massive. It is located between south Olke and Pitts Park. Above the tunnel is the Olke Bunker on a mountain and inside the tunnel is a small hideout. Many people drive their cars through here because it is very easy to make the shortcut through there and the only other way is to go around or on top of the mountain, another reason is that the dealership is close to there and you can find car parts around there in large quantities. The Olke Bunker is very basic. It is a large gray tunnel lit up that is big enough to fit a few cars in each lane. It has three to four doors on the side that could have been entrances to stores, houses, or bases, sort of like a large public bunker. There are a few things that are odd in the tunnel, one of them is the military barricades that make driving impractical, another is the barricades around the entrance toward Pitts Park, almost like the military knew that the zombies were coming from the southwest Dirk area. If you walk to the middle of the tunnel, you can see camouflaged in with the gray tunnel are a few doors. Inside them are a series of small rooms. There are only a few exits, meaning it can be hard to get lost inside. Loot does not spawn inside the tunnel itself, only in the hideout and in the barricades near the entrance. The hideout will spawn food and drinks, mainly MRE's are other foods. It can also spawn ammo and civilian guns. More things that can spawn include: building materials, the entrencher, car parts/jerrycans, and some military-tier loot and guns. The hideout of the tunnel can be easily based in. Since the door camouflages in with the tunnel color, and it has only a couple of entrances, the area is a good place to base in, or at least camp for a night. This may be a bad thing too, so if you do base here, marking areas and pathways somehow would be a good tactic.

Olke is a small town located south of the Abandoned Mine, east of Military Outpost, and northwest of the Cemetery.

Olke has Barricades along the streets, and a Military Tent on the eastern side of the town. It is a popular spawn location, so more than likely you'll find one or multiple players roaming around looking for gear to start off with, or more experienced players stopping en route to Kin or the Abandoned Mine. Humvees and jeeps are known to spawn here. There is a variety of loot that spawns, mainly Civillian and sometimes low-to-mid tier Military. There is also a bunker near Olke in Reborn, not Reimagined, fittingly called the Olke Bunker.

Inside the town, here is a brown house with the words "IT GOT ME" written in blood on one of the walls, presumably by Patient Zero or a survivor living in that house. This is a good place to make a base, as it is southwest from Refugee camp, crates and building materials spawn here and in the military outpost, and guns and drum mags spawn in the cemetary and in the mine.

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