Omni Light

An Omni Light, or "Omnilight", is a military-grade utility item in Apocalypse Rising. It acts much like a flashlight, but the difference is that you do not need to hold it out, so you can have it on while having a weapon out at the same time. In densely populated areas like Kin or the Mansion, it can attract zombies/players, and takes a longer time to turn off (which also puts you in a vulnerable position when doing so), so it can be not only a hassle but can be dangerous as well. It can also be turned/toggled on and off in the utilities section of the inventory. The Omni Light is a dark green color, like the Military flashlight, and looks somewhat like a lantern. It has the same range as a chemlight, but it is as bright as a military flashlight.


  • The Omni Light, when stored in a storage slot instead of a utility slot, takes up 2 slots, unlike most utilities.
  • Though it seems to be a lantern, it has an unorthodox handle for one.


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