Padded Clothes are the third most common Clothing articles in the game, surpassed by the military uniforms. they come in Blue, Green, Red, Black, White and Brown. Their appearance is the same as Civilian clothes, except for Leather pads on the elbows, and knees, the appearance of straps going all around said places on the character, and what appears to be leather finger-less gloves.

RobloxScreenShot07092014 062656702

A Player wearing a Red Padded Shirt.

RobloxScreenShot07172014 065412859

A Player wearing a Green Padded Shirt.


  • Padded Clothes do not provide any protection from zombies or players.
  • All the clothes in Apocalypse Rising, including padded clothing, used to be sold in the catalog by Black Father, but were removed for an unknown reason. Lower quality versions of the clothes are now sold by Gusmanak though.
  • It is recommended that green or black are the only colors worn if you desire to sneak up on a group of player or simply hide. This causes you to blend in slightly giving you an advantage.
  • If you wear Camo gear the chances are that players will try to avoid you out of fear of you having better gear and killing them.
  • Padded pants used to have a knife and holster near the ankle, despite the fact that it served no purpose.
RobloxScreenShot11092014 133848192

A Player (left) wearing Black Padded Pants and a Jungle Camo shirt.

RobloxScreenShot03162014 235918506

A Player (Front) Wearing Blue padded Pants and a Brown Padded Shirt.

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