This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


Pain Kilas

"After taking these painkillers, you will ignore twenty percent of incoming damage for forty-five seconds'."




Blocks 20% of incoming damage for 45 seconds



Painkillers are a consumable item in Apocalypse Rising. They will block 20% of incoming damage for 45 seconds.


They are common in hospitals and clinics, (as they are medical loot) but can also be found in houses or other civilian buildings buildings. Painkillers are useful for when you are about to fight a crowd of zombies or a survivor with a military-grade weapon.


  • Consuming painkillers will cause the player to consume the whole box. However, if someone were to do this in real life, they would likely die from an overdose soon after (supported by the fact that a certain, rare bug that causes you to lose around 10-20 percent of your health after taking them) or choke on the pills.
  •  Painkillers in real life take around 30 min to actually start relieving pain, where as the painkillers in game take effect immediately. 
  • The way the Apocalypse Rising player consumes painkillers can be compared to the way Pills are consumed in the game Left 4 Dead.
  • Bruce Lee died from an allergic reaction from a Painkiller. (If you do not know who Bruce Lee is, you need to get out more).


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