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The Radio as it appears in the utility slot.

The Personal Radio is a utility added on January 15, 2014. These can be used to listen to classic music tunes.

The radio can be turned on and off by pressing "toggle" after clicking on the radio. The radio will play static for about 30 seconds, then a song will come on. After a few minutes, the song will fade into static, and the cycle will repeat. Between every two - three songs small talks recorded by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth will be played, similar to real life radio stations. Radios are completely local, as such they cannot be heard by anyone but the user and at any given time it is very unlikely that two radios will be playing the same broadcast (with the exception of radios near Trinity Headquarters).

Radio Transmission
Roblox - Apocalypse Rising Secret Radio Transmission-002:07

Roblox - Apocalypse Rising Secret Radio Transmission-0

The transmission

The radio will play random numbers followed by Morse code.

The numbers are:

048107 048107 049047 049047 034051 034051 023107 023107 022110 022110 017121 017121 054074 054074 063087 063087 040093 040093 039108 039108 036091 036091 032090 032090

The radio message and numbers are a reference to the DayZ video game, where the same thing happens. The sequence of numbers are grid references which correspond to the location of deer stands throughout Chernarus, which is a place in DayZ.

This could also be a reference to a Soviet Radio Channel called UVB-76, Also know as "The Buzzer". This radio station plays on a frequency of 4626 kHz, And it relays cryptic messages where the names "Mikhail, Dimitri, (Zenyeb), (Baryeep), Mikhail, Dimitri, (Zenyeb), (Baryeep)" with the numbers "4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 2, 3" spoken in Russian while a monotonous buzz plays in the background.

Trinity Headquarters Transmission
If you have your radio turned on near the Trinity HQ, the radio will change from it's normal playlist to a transmission that initially plays a heavily distorted tune, followed by random numbers said by a deep male, un-synthesized voice (code listed above), then Morse code, and ending with the tune. The Morse Code translates into this: We are no longer alive. STOP MESSAGE. This message will play every hour if operators are no longer responsive. STOP MESSAGE. Unable to quarantine subject change. STOP MESSAGE. This may be a reference to Patient Zero, as it was revealed that P-0 was the first subject to the virus and this was most likely added in for lore.

On some occasions, standing next to, or somtimes under, the Trinity Corps Radio Tower results in the player receiving an encoded message. The message is played back in a monotone voice, and can be decoded using a Shift Cipher. Recorded and decoded, the message is as follows:






What this message means is up to speculation. In theory, a last ditch effort by Trinity Corps to fix and quarantine the outbreak was launched. Trinity Corps ordered all tested subjects to be terminated (Which failed due to the existence of P-0.) "Cease Virus" possibly means to quarantine the virus. "Augmentation" possibly means the virus itself, or some outside factor unknown to players. "Facility 17" could be another location owned by Trinity Corps. Obviously, this "Facility 17" is not on the map, or the game for that matter. Thus its purpose ( Military Base, Laboratory, etc. ) is unknown.

Songs Played
The Radio currently plays 25 different songs.

A YouTube playlist of all the songs can be found here Also there is a spotify Link here here

*On January 16, 2014, Gusmanak declared that music for the radio would be implemented. The songs were to be from the 1960s to the 1980s.
  • Prior to January 20, 2014, the male voice for the repeating numbers was replaced by a synthesized female voice.
  • All music was released during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s (with the exception of "U Can't Touch This" which was released in 1990).
  • The Personal Radio was previously a part of the Enhanced Spawn Game Pass, while the game pass existed.
  • All songs who were scripted into the radio originate from Gusmanak's Audio inventory.
  • The further one travels from the radio tower, the more static is heard.
  • Gusmanak has once suggested that the broadcasts may originate from inside a bunker, rather than the radio tower.

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