The Pickup Truck, is a vehicle in Apocalypse Rising. It has two seats in the front, and 2 in the back. Trucks are found in civilian vehicle spawn areas. is a useful vehicle, but is not that common. Trucks are not very common and come in 4 colors being : Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. In older versions loot could be placed in the open back of the truck and stayed in. Currently, since loot de-spawns and will fall out of the truck, this tactic is rendered useless.

{| class="infobox" align="right" style="width: 25em; font-size: 82%; text-align: left; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; border-color: black" ! colspan="2" style="font-size: 140%; background: #aaz; text-align: center;" | Pickup Truck |- ! colspan="2" style="background: #aaz; text-align: center;" |

RobloxScreenShot11272013 183859173

A group of players in a pickup truck.

|- ! colspan="2" style="background: #aaz; text-align: center;" | |- ! width="30%" style="background: #aaz;" | Speed | width="70%" | 58 kph (On Road) 40 kph (Off Road) |- ! width="30%" style="background: #aaz;" | Hull Strength | 120 |- ! width="30%" style="background: #aaz;" | Fuel Capacity | 70 |- ! width="30%" style="background: #aaz;" | Seats | 4 |- ! width="30%" style="background: #aaz;" | Storage slots | 15 |- ! width="30%" style="background: #aaz;" | Wikipedia | |}

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