Pitts Park
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Aerial View of Pitts Park.


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A picture taken in one of the trailers.

Pitts Park is a small caravan park on the west side of the map close to Dirk and Kin in Apocalypse Rising. It has several motor-homes, but half of them are unable to be accessed

Pitts Park is a very hidden location of the map, making it a good place for setting up a base. It does not spawn anything of value, but spawns Civilian Weaponry, food & Drink and the occasional vehicles, including the Van, the Pickup Truck, and the Sedan..  

Helicopter crash sites can spawn near Pitts Park, spawning weaponry and military loot

There is also a message that says: "Dont travel at night", presumably written by a survivor, as it is not a Patient Zero spawn point.


  • Though a perfect setup for an ambush on someone, Pitts Park is strangely unpopular in contrast to places like the Mansion and the cities.
  • Even though the houses are supposed to be trailers, none of them have wheels or a handle for a truck to pull, and no trucks capable of towing the houses (besides the Ural, which is military and would not be used to tow houses) exist.
  • Pitts Park is the closest landmark to Dirk.
  • This place is a great place to make a base, seeing as no one comes here, and food and water commonly spawns.