This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

  • Police Station
PoliceStation Thumb

Police Station

Model Name


Loot Types

Civilian, Military

Building Type


Police Stations are blue and white two-story multi-room buildings. Police stations make good bases as they have roof access. Since the building has so many large windows at ground-level, it would be a good idea to have everyone in your group to hold some of the building materials. All kinds of utilities, food, drinks, weapon attachments and weapons are found in police stations. Police officer zombies congregate around police stations; the loot police zombies drop when killed is no different the normal civilian. Police Stations are located in Kin, Korri and Vernal, but in the Amend map there are only two in Strive and Amend. Military loot spawns in the back room, while civilian loot spawns in the garage and other rooms. These can be very dangerous however; many use the roof to snipe, or contrary leaving you or others open to fire.


  • Police Cars can spawn here
  • Mostly civilian-grade guns spawn here, however it rarely spawns Military tier guns.
  • This is the only building where loot will spawn on the roof, but only on the lower roof (In Reborn).


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